Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Assfactor 4

Assfactor 4
Thanks Kelly/Mr. McCheekbone (off NGR 10, Old Glory Records)

This band was a gem - and everything that emo was all about, plus some more: fast, a bit hectic, franctic screams, sloppy at times but really tight too (if that makes any sense). But what A4 also did was put clever and fun lyrics into the game. A4 were quite geeky and really kick-ass. That's what a good part of emo was all about to me, actually.

These two tracks are off their 7" called "smoked out" on Old Glory Records, it's from 1994.

Assfactor 4 - Thanks Kelly/Mr. McCheekbone


Anonymous t-dawg said...


4/1/07 16:24  
Blogger Georg Cracked said...

Yo DNL! cool thing, hope you stay on it long enough to make it worthwhile...

if you need some suggestions for what to post, drop me a line

5/1/07 07:45  
Blogger Georg Cracked said...

übrigens habe ich schon mal selber senf gemacht - und der schmeckt sehr lecker...

5/1/07 07:58  
Anonymous bärli said...

ich bin fan

5/1/07 12:18  

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