Wednesday, January 10, 2007

-info post-

a.k.a. another large post, WTF?!

One week in, and I feel there has to be one for taking stock, as it were. I'd like to touch upon file-quality and what's still to come in the future on senfedge. But also, there's the technical (well, sort of) part:


So far I only have about one subscriber to this thing, and that's me. I know people are coming here (and thanks to all of you!), but I would really like to get some sort of feedback via comments (thanks for those so far, you rule!) and equally desirably, by having an army of subscribers.

If you don't know how it works, check out the wikipedia-entry. Don't be scared that it's too geeky, it's not at all. It's really just like bookmarking, but the point is that you'll have one place, or list, where you can see if there's a new post on a webpage (blog) or not. You can do it via firefox (clicky on the orange-rss-icon) in the URL-bar or on this page, or with any newsreader (I use bloglines, a free online-service. It's actually my home-page now with which I catch up with all sorts of blogs).


Nice one, so that's the organisational shit out of the way. I'd like to say something on the quality of the mp3-files. I know they're not perfect and that most of the time you can hear the hiss and noise from the vinyl itself. I'm quite sure there's a way you can silence those, but to be brutally honest, I don't have the time for that. Let's hope you all don't mind!

Staying with the quality of the songs (this is a question to you actually): Quite the qual alright? Let me know if it's too quiet and I'll try to improve it. Bitrate OK , too?

coming up

Now to the fun part, what are you going to be able to expect from senfedge in the future? Well, obviously, more of mid-90s shit like I've blogged here just this past week. It's all over the shop genre-wise and I know that, but that's the beauty of senfedge. I hate pigeon-holes, and so should you!

As far as the highlights are concerned though, take a note of this. First there's the Austrian thing of course. More Manface, early Valina, H-Street demo tape, etc. to name but a few. Speaking of tapes, once I've figured out how to plug in tapes there's a real beauty coming up too: a live-tape I recorded at the mAKE-uP show in Prague in 98 or something. It's really good quality and I know a few people that are dying to hear that tape!


So yea, these are some of the highlights and other info things. Please feel free to leave a comment, and thanks for reading this.


Blogger t.gun said...

hi, super dein blog!!! genau, was mich interessiert! freu mich auf noch viel mehr coole 90ies-"mucke".
(hab dich schon mal in meinem, [derkreiml].)

14/1/07 11:03  
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