Saturday, January 13, 2007


The Wait (off Kurt, X-Mist Records, 1996)

Often called Germany's answer to Shotmaker, and you can see why. The bass features very prominently, and the songs are full of power and drive. Never dull, always exciting and in your face. I loved them because you could sense how much they enjoy playing the music...they could shut up as well and have instrumental songs, something I've always valued in a band. A killer-live band, I'm sure, albeit they never made it down to Vienna.

The first LP as such is out of print, but you can get a double-vinyl repress together with second LP at X-Mist.

Kurt - The Wait


Anonymous xrichardx said...

hui, sehr gute ausgrabung. aber gibt's kurt nicht eh immer noch (wegen "never made it down to vienna")?

15/1/07 19:01  
Anonymous bärli bär said...

also ich glaub die kurtl gibt es immer noch.

sehr schnittige platte wobei mir das nachfolgemodell doch noch etwas besser gefallen hat

18/1/07 15:18  

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