Wednesday, January 17, 2007


# 8 (off their 7", Great American Steak Religion 1994)

This one blew a lot of people's minds, especially paired with the GASR release that followed it, the more known Union Of Uranus double-7". Drift came out before though and this thing was unlike any of the other stuff that was out there at the time. Not crust, not metal, not emo....but definetly hardcore.

GASR was an amazing label that not only put out highly influential bands but also slipped its records in very tasteful and clever packaging. Of course GASR lives on as Feral Ward now. Hello Yannick!

Has this 7" one been re-released anywhere by the way?

Drift - # 8


Anonymous Kevin said...

I've never seen it released anywhere other than the 7". Thanks for uploading it. I haven't listened to mine in probably 8 years!

18/1/07 18:12  

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