Friday, August 01, 2008


Du Bist So Wunderschön (Soundflat Records, 2007)

Endlich mal wieder ein Lebenszeichen! Und was für eins. This time it's the wonderful Beat-Band from Germany, the amazing Montesas. They're straight-up 60s-Beat and come from the whole garage-trash-scene that was particularly prominent in the 90s through Labels such as Estrus Records and Sympathy For The Record Industry.

And this is the European side of it all, and part of the new breed. Usually they sing in English, but for this special 7" they did two German songs, and they're both kick-ass. It just makes me wanna dance, go out to a party, drink Frucade and flirt with the girls.

The packaging makes this thing just a must-have. It comes in a gatefold and includes a bona-fide Montesas-comb! Not some cheap stuff, this is a Triumph ("Nylon farbecht").

The insides of the cover is also very cheeky indeed. It has original vintage classified ads for guns, breast-enlargement, hair products, muscle-work-outs ("Zentrale für Selbstentwicklung, 404 Neuss") and mailorders for naughty films.

And then there's the A-Z of how to become a Schlurf ("Teddyboy" is the most fitting translation I'd say). I too have to combat a "Herrenwinker" from time to time, which is a term for locks or parts of your hair that aren't in place. Och, the drama! This is all just fun, and it's so frivolous!

Get this 7" from Soundflat Records. Support the Montesas. Hully Gully!

Montesas - Halbstark für Anfänger

Montesas - Kamm

mp3: Die Montesas - Du Bist So Wunderschön

Die Montesas
Die Montesas Myspace
Soundflat Records


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