Saturday, August 18, 2007

T Tauri

T Tauri
Sequence (off Ending Deconstruction, GSL/Stickfigure, 1997)

No one ever mentions T Tauri, and I think that's because no one bloody knows them. They released an incredibly atypical record on GSL in 1997, atypical because at the time kids got really into spazzy-emo, not dark and atmospheric emo that was still rather nerdy and weird.

I used to work in a little record-shop in Vienna, and we always got big boxes from Bottlenekk, a distro run by Sonny from GSL. He'd always put records in there that he kinda thought we would be into (they always got it right), and one day there was a promo-version of T Tauri's Ending Deconstruction LP. I immediately took it home and was blown away by it. For some reason it spoke to me, and it helped me get through confusing times. The Unwound-influence is fairly obvious, but T Tauri were a bit more depressed, there was more angst to it.

Anyway. I still return to this record from time to time, and today I thought I better introduce them to senfedge. Spread the word about this band, even though it's a bit too late now. One of them is in Black Dice now. T Tauri are also on myspace. Oh, and you can hear another song from their LP here.

t tauri promo
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mp3: T Tauri - Sequence


Anonymous markghero said...

Hey I have a Favor can you burn this LP to CD for me?

5/12/07 21:50  
Blogger DNL said...

mark, im sorry i'm so late with replying, i didnt see your comment. my PC is really slow and crap, so its hard to rip entire LPs. but i am planning on doing so in the future, simply because i want it too ;)
i will let you know. it'll take a while, but i wont forget.

19/2/08 12:31  
Anonymous Wanda said...

Keep up the good work.

11/11/08 16:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

was so psyched to see this posted on your blog.. i have been looking for mp3s version of this album forever (have the vinyl).

someone PLEASE upload mp3's of the whole album?

btw i think there were only 10 or so copies pressed of the marble gray vinyl that you've got there.

29/8/09 03:06  
Blogger Nick said...

Any progress with the rip?

17/2/10 17:31  
Blogger Nick said...

Any progress with the rip?

17/2/10 17:32  

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