Thursday, May 03, 2007


Sorry for lack of posts, I've been busy with an exhibition...

Today is the day! Da k├Ânnt' ja jede/r kommen - ca. 10 Jahre D.I.Y.-Kultur in Wien is opening today! It's an exhibition on the do-it-yourself "movement" (for lack of better words) in Vienna during the past 10 years or so. You'll see flyers, fanzines, lots of photography, records and other shit from back in the day.

There'll also be live-gigs (all for free!) by A Thousand Fuegos, Paper Bird, Seven Sioux, Everton, Dimitrij and Feeding Time. Google the names or put them into myspace for samples. Also make sure to read this weeks' Falter for a feature, or listen to FM4's Homebase tonight for another item. We're blowing the backdoors off this thing!

Most importantly however, come out tonight, 7pm!

Here is all the info: or


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