Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Meta-Matics

The Meta-Matics
Song 2 (off their LP on Dischord/Slowdime, 1996)

Another band from DC, another one with a name that is being used by some other guy (in this case a DJ or something).

Meta-Matics was a short-lived band that was truly math-rock. Members went on to play in Chrom-Techs and All Scars, but Meta-Matics are my favorite of all of them. They also had a split 7" with the mAKE-uP (the second mAKE-uP-release, first time I heard of Meta-Matics).

What do I like about them? Hard to say. I think they just didn't give a toss and played, and the voice actually sounded like a voice and not just some hipster yelps.

Note: I don't have the insert anymore (or was there ever one?) so I have no clue what the songs are called. To make matters worse, this one is an instrumental, so I can't even guess the title. So here is Song 2. Rock out.

Oh, Troubleman re-released this one with all other tracks they did - I fink they call that a discography - and you should get it NOW!

The Meta-Matics - Song 2


Blogger Georg Cracked said...

Good to see you are at it again. Cool stuff - weird music. The him-track is almost like Matmos. Or Can? Or what? All that warbly stuff really makes me tick..

19/3/07 08:36  
Anonymous wilkos said...

song #2 is police & fleas. an excellent song, but by far not the best of this awesome band from back then (ha... the 90's...)

13/5/09 01:49  
Blogger El Zebra said...

saw them in detroit w/ the scissor girls and galen. one of the best no-wave shows ever.

21/10/09 22:16  

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