Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Moon (off that 7" on Art Monk Construction, 1994)

This song is perhaps one of my favorite songs ever by any band. Iceburn were hard to place (and I like that), and were perhaps never part of hardcore as such anyway (I like that too), even though they've released on Victory and Revelation (the split 12" with Engine Kid is insane).

Moon is off their release on Art Monk, and simply put, it's jazz. Improv? I don't think this song is, but they certainly did improvise on other releases.

Please note, please appreciate, please MELT AWAY when you figure out the last 20 seconds of the song...it's a goddamn countdown. It never stops to blow my mind. Mathrock, anyone?

Iceburn - Moon


Anonymous Kevin said...

I was lucky enough to see Iceburn's last show as a 5 piece when I was visiting my sister in Salt Lake City. It was an amazing show. I saw them a handful of times after that, but the Salt Lake show still stands out as being the best.

6/2/07 19:01  
Anonymous DNL said...

lucky you! i don't think iceburn ever even contemplated playing shows in europe, so i just had no chance.

7/2/07 18:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'm trying to collect all Iceburn's stuff... could you upload Brew for me, please, in case you still have it?

Tom from Hungary

27/4/09 10:56  

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