Sunday, January 28, 2007

Manface, pt. 1

Playing God (off Cuando Ilega El Tiempo Todo Cambia, Acts of Sabotage/Our Struggle split release, 1996)

Here is the second installment (after the Und Keiner Weint Uns Nach Comp.) of the Austrian band posts. This, of course, is Manface, the band yours truly was in in the 1990s. Jan (guit, voc), Martin (dr.) and me (bass) first started out with a different singer named Patrick under various different names (some of you may still remember Stalefish). After some years Patrick left us so we continued as Manface. A good friend of ours, Jörg, later became the second guitarist, and with the addition of him (he now plays in Graumahd) we really kicked off, so to speak.

Manface was quite a weird bunch of people that had a lot in common musically, but then started to drift apart after the years progressed. After we've had some releases under our belt, things started to go a bit weird, we didn't all get a long too much anymore at the time. We did a small tour through Austria and Germany, and then played our last show with Stack and Seein' Red on the 30th of December 1998 at the E.K.H. in Vienna, without really knowing it would be our last.

The following song is off the dreadfully produced and awfully designed LP Cuando Ilega El Tiempo Todo Cambia. Don't ask me why there's a spanish title. You'll note that there's no picture of the Cover. The reason is that I myself don't even own a copy anymore, only a testpressing. The cover itself is also nothing I'd be too proud to show off. But a quick Google-search shows up a surprisingly high number of places you can still get that record from. If you're lucky you'll catch a link with the cover..

Playing God is one of the best songs we did, it's full of different parts and just keeps on going. Just imagine this one being played live.

Manface - Playing God

This post goes out to Danny (Breathe/H-Street/Nothing Gold Can Stay) by the way, who turns 30 today and has always supported Manface right from the early days. Happy Birtday!


Blogger t.gun said...

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28/1/07 23:08  
Blogger t.gun said...

i'm not able to post it as a pic here, but here's a link to a quick and a little dirty scan of the cover: - feel free to post it, if you like it.

i haven't heard the record for a long time and unfortunately i've always missed manface when they played.

28/1/07 23:09  
Anonymous dnl said...

thanks t-gun. its STILL an ugly cover though ;)
here's a smaller URL for the scan:

29/1/07 16:01  
Blogger Georg Cracked said...

manface oughta be the best band I never heard, dude!

2/2/07 07:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i always loved seeing you guys live!


21/2/07 14:07  
Anonymous Zy4n said...

I think this cover is not so bad at all. sure u can make things always better in the end, but at least it was transporting a message and has a raw, trashy style u like or u don`t. I like things which are not clean and nice ;-) and by the way the title of the album is st. Quando llega el... is the title of the picture painted by kiko.
P.s. funny thing: some german guy is selling the album on ebay for 45 euro. Are there realy people out there buying it for that price? So i could be famous and rich!! :-) because i got some originals left. Even the ultra rare green vinyl edit. hmm... i think i`ll sell the green one for 100 euro ;-) someone interested? or have u already read the backside of the album?

cheers and c ya in the pit

8/12/07 13:08  
Blogger Christer said...

I guess this blog is long dead and gone, but I wanted to ask if it was possible to re-host the MANFACE songs? Been looking everywhere for them!

27/8/16 19:19  

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