Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Man Or Astroman?

Very little time to post these days, but I wanted to share a nice find. Man Or Astroman were frequent visitors at John Peel's, and a great website has uploaded a great session from 1997. 5 Songs that include some of the best stuff they've ever put out (off their 1000x 10" and Made From Technitium). Right on!

MOAM? @ jamie's runout groove


Blogger Georg Cracked said...

Hey, do MOAM still exist? Or did they crash in the Touch & Go motorcycle team?

2/3/07 07:50  
Anonymous DNL said...

i don't think they're still together, but they did play/reunite for the t&g-festl.

2/3/07 12:39  

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