Sunday, February 18, 2007

Huggy Bear

Huggy Bear
Her Jazz (off Taking The Rough With The Smooch 10", Time Bomb, 1993)

Huggy Bear were a kick-ass band from England that got fairly "big" during the time of riot grrrl. Her Jazz was released on a single on Wiiija Records from London, and a compilation of their singles was released in Japan as a 10".

The reason I particularly like Huggy Bears is that their actually very powerful, political, rowdy and clever. Nice stuff.

A note about why I picked Her Jazz: It is indeed their most well known song, and probably "out there" already. I could have taken Teen Tighterns too, or Shaved Pussy Poetry, but I decided for Her Jazz because, hands down, it's just an incredible song. I think John Peel picked this as one of the best songs of 1993.

Huggy Bear - Her Jazz


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tolle band, tolles lied, 'nuff said!


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