Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Ice 9

Ice 9
45 Times A Night (off their split 7" with Gadje on Ebullition, ca. 1996?)

Gimme an S, gimme a P, gimme a O........let's do that long enough until we can spell SPORADIC POSTS! And random, too. They way I decide which records I post on senfedge is by flicking through my records and stopping at something that I like at that very moment. Today, even though it's rather sunny, I stopped at this quite dark little record here. I absolutely loved the first track by Ice 9 because it just kicks in right from second 1.

No idea who they are or what happened to them, the ebullition-website can't help either because this release appears to be out of print. Och well.

Nice Kurt Vonnegut reference, too, by the way.

Ice 9 - 45 Times A Night


Anonymous Kevin said...

Hummm...I'm gonna have to check to see if I have this record. The track you posted was really good...

8/5/07 17:59  

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