Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The VSS / Rye Coalition split 2x7"

The VSS / Rye Coalition split 2x7" (Super 8 Records, 1997?)

This one is interesting indeed. No explanations about each band needed, The VSS are about to re-release their epic LP "Nervous Circuits" on Hydra Head (read about it all here), Rye Coalition are still around and could never decide whether they want to be big or stay small. I loved them to bits, perhaps still would if I knew their new stuff. Who knows. Saw them live and did an interview with them, they're fun to hang out with. (I almost saw The VSS in Vienna but their van broke down in Switzerland, so the show had to be cancelled. "Or so the story goes". Pleasure Forever made it here a couple of years later though.)

Well, this double-7" has both rather unlikely bands teamed up. The VSS have "In Miniature" remixed, but it's a rather lacklustre affair. The B-side is great however, an Echo And The Bunnymen cover. Nice idea, nice version. Great to hear that typical VSS-korg-sound applied to an older song like this.

Rye on the other hand simply miss the opportunity by only releasing "Fucking With Beautiful Posture" a second time (a great song off "He Saw The Cat"), and provide a remix of the very same song, which is also rather boring I'm afraid. However, I am providing the remix anyway, so please judge for yourself.

The artwork on this double-7"-single is great, and apparently, you can still get it from the original label, Super 8 Records. I don't really believe it though, that website looks very old. E-Mail them first, I'd say.

vss / rye split 2x7"
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mp3: The VSS - No Hands (Echo & The Bunnymen)
mp3: Rye Coalition - Fucking With The Rye Coalition


Blogger GLW/DRK said...

yo, und dann musste ich sunshine sehen. brrrrr. "OASCH homma do!"

5/3/08 20:05  
Blogger youngbroose said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

10/10/08 22:08  
Blogger youngbroose said...

The Super 8 site has totally vanished. I'm looking into some ebay and/or amazon options cause I'd love to have the Rye artwork as well -- but in the meantime, any chance you could post the other two tracks?

10/10/08 22:10  

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