Monday, August 04, 2008

Russell interviews Morrissey on BBC Radio 2

December 2006, BBC Radio 2

Whenever a friend of mine feels a bit low and rejected I keep coming back to this Morrissey-interview, which was first aired in December 2006 on the Russell Brand show on BBC Radio 2. I downloaded the podcast then and kept the interview. I had a feeling it's a keeper.

And I was right. Because sometimes it's good to hear what Morrissey has to say about being content with yourself in the simplest of terms:

"...and you're quite happy to be as you are. And you reach a take-it-or-leave-it-stage - a take-ME-or-leave-me stage...and that's quite nice".

Now I don't care much about fawning over what other people say in interviews and being "inspired" by it, but this little sentence is pretty damn good. I try to take it on board whenever I can. So perhaps this will make you 'appy too.

Morrissey also talks about vegetarianism in a pretty kick-ass, down-to-earth manner:

"I don't bring life to an end simply because I'm slightly peckish".

Nice one. This, of course, is happening on Russell's show, the man who was voted Sexiest Vegetarian of both Europe and the World in one and the same year. Crikey.

Now, this thing is probably copyrighted by the BBC. Don't sue me or nowt, please, just enjoy. Russell and Morrissey have a great rapport, it's a fun little number. Well, almost 30 minutes long.

If you want to download it, click here. And check out Russell Brand on BBC Radio 2 for more info on his show and the podcast. Do yourself a favour and subsribe to it.


Blogger Franz said...

Was für ein tolles Interview! Danke fürs Bereitstellen.

Übrigens: lässiges Bloggerl. Muss ich mal tiefer eintauchen!

3/2/09 21:37  

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