Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Men's Recovery Project

Men's Recovery Project - DOUBLE FEATURE!

Yes, it's been a while again. What can I say, get used to it ;) But a big thank you to those who egg me on into doing something for senfedge again!

MRP - E-Mail Is A Men's Room (off Normal Man 7", Gravity Records, 1995)

I had problems with my email-server the past days, couldn't receive or send anything, so immediately I had to think of Men's Recovery Project. They had a great song about how shit the internet is. I remember the time well when the internet started to become popular, and how some people just didn't like it. Of course everyone uses it now, including, of course, Sam McPheeters, but at the time it made fucking sense. In fact, it still does today. This song has stood the test of time - it's TIMELESS.

Here are the lyrics:

The Internet is a toilet stall,
splattered with jerks and twits,
and if i may be allowed to continue my analogy
it smells like fucking shit
E-Mail... Men's Room!

Written in 1995.

Men's Recovery Project - E-Mail Is A Men's Room


MRP - Sexual Pervert (off their split 12" with Sinking Body, Vermiform Records, 1998)

And because MRP were a really diverse and mixed band with quite a lot of output (and very funny lyrics!), I decided to put a second song up right now. It's got more electro in it, it's short, it's great.

Men's Recovery Project - Sexual Pervert