Monday, February 18, 2008


Ready, Set, Revenge (off their s/t 7" on Wrenched Records, 1995)

Rarely updated. But updated nonetheless. Here's Spanakorzo, a band from San Diego that existed alongside those typical screamo-bands from San Diego, yet they were always a bit different, perhaps a bit more sophisticated, or serious? They had great releases, the most well-known being the split 10" with Swing Kids of course (Bassist John Brady played in both bands), and 2 releases on Wrenched Records, including a haunting LP. Nice Artwork.

Members of Spanakorzo went on to play in the incredible Sweep The Leg Johnny, and later in Check Engine. I saw all of those bands mentioned except for Spanakorzo, and they were some of the finest I've ever seen.

I am posting this song off their 7" because it brings back memories. Last time I played it my flat nearly burnt down because the shop below my flat was on fire. The smoke rose through the floor-boards and then settled and covered everything that was lying on the floor that wasn't taller than 3 centimeters (that's about an inch or so). Good times.

mp3: Spanakorzo - Ready, Set, Revenge

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